China Coal Xi’an Design & Engineering Co Ltd (original name is Xi’an Design and Research Institute of Ministry of Coal Industry ) was established in 1954. It is an A level comprehensive design institute in China. It is affiliated to China Coal Energy Group Co Ltd. In 2006, it was renamed as China Coal Xi’an Design & Engineering Co Ltd. The company holds more than 10 A level qualifications, such as a comprehensive A level on engineering survey, A level on engineering consultation, A level on engineering design, A level in coal industries (e.g. mine, open pit and coal preparation plant), professional A level in municipal industries (e.g. township fuel gas engineering, heating engineering and environment or health engineering), A level in building industries (e.g. building engineering), A level on environmental impact assessment,  A level on water and soil conservation plan, A level on surveying and mapping, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering survey, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering design, A level on geological disaster treatment engineering evaluation and professional A level of environment engineering (air pollution protective engineering). It holds more than 10 B level qualifications in the following aspects: B level on  engineering consultation, B level on road (highway) engineering design, professional B level in electricity industry (thermal power generation), professional B level in municipal industries ( water supply and drainage  engineering), professional B level on environment engineering (water pollution protection engineering, solid waste treatment and dispose engineering and physical pollution prevention engineering) and B level on city planning preparation. Besides, we have the qualifications on pressure piping, labor service licenses, import and export right, license for oversea contracting an engineering, engineering supervision, engineering project management, A level qualifications on contracting a foundation and infrastructure construction program, qualifications to contract electromechanical equipment installation professionally and license of safe production.


At present we have more than 1300 professional staff including 1 national design master, 1 supervision master, 2 design masters of mining industry, 69 professor level senior engineers, 439 senior engineers and engineers and 322 registered engineers totally including A level architect, A level structure engineers, municipal planning engineers, consultancy engineers, supervision engineers, cost engineers, A level registered electrical engineers, mining and mechanical engineers.


Our company owns the leading professional technology on mine, coal preparation plant, open pit designs, EPC for projects and coal mine automatic control. There are hundreds of projects designed by us, have been put into operation, ten thousands of single works have been established. We have created a record of more than 70 projetcts with “The No.1” records in the industry. Our businesses are spread many districts such as Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, etc in China. It is a survey and design company with the most 10 million tons capacity coal mines which have been designed and established in China. Since the company has been established for 60 years, it has been granted by the state and province as 157 Class A prizes, 149 Class B prizes and 145 Class C prizes in total, including the stated granted gold design prizes for Daliuta Coal Mine, Yujialiang Coal Mine and Taixi Coal Preparation Plant , and the Yangchangwan Coal Mine was granted as One of the Top Hundred Splendid Works since the birth of new China for 60 years. In 2000, the company was certified by ISO9001 International Quality System. In 2003, we passed the 2000 version certification. In 2013, we were certified by the quality, environment occupation health and safety management system.


China Coal Xi’an Design & Engineering Co Ltd often communicates and cooperates internationally actively. We undertook the engineering designs and technical consultations for Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Australia, South Africa, etc. We signed a strategic agreement with MMD and ABB companies. The company takes the advantages of talents and technology to develop our three main businesses, they are survey and design, EPC and engineering technical consultation services. We will innovate to lead the development in coal industry, and we will try our best to provide perfect system services.